“What about my store’s ‘About’ page?”

There’s a special layout for your store’s “About” page. While you edit the longform page content from your Shopify dashboard’s Pages section, you can add a special featured image, heading and subheading from your Customize theme settings.

About page

When you are editing a page in your Shopify dashboard’s Pages section, locate the Template setting and use the drop-down menu to pick page.about.

Shopify page template picker

Note that if Context is not you currently published theme, you won’t see its page.about available from the settings. You can create a dummy page.about template for your published theme if you want to test Context’s before you publish it on your store.

Featured image
Choose an image to feature on your “About” page.
Add heading text to accompany your “About” page.
Provide a line or two of additional text to headline the rest of your “About” page content.
Overlay opacity
You can add a colored overlay to your featured image. And, you can set how visible the overlay is. 0% is completely transparent, and 100% is completely visible.
Overlay color
You can change the color of the overlay.

We recommend using black or white, as these colors will look great with a wide variety of images.

Text color
You can change the text color for text overlaying the featured image.


You can also add an extra-wide set of images that break out underneath the “About” page content.

About page full-width images

For each image that you want to add, use the Add image button.

Add an image.
Choose whether the image should be displayed as Small or Large.

Small images take of 50 percent of the page width, while large images take up 100% of the page width. If you set up two images side-by-side, they will be displayed together inline.