“What can I do to style my blog post pages?”

Context lets you tweak the look of each of your blog posts. Each blog post can also display a list of the customer’s recently viewed products – and link to other blog posts in your featured blog.

Blog post

Blog post

Whenever you add a blog post in Shopify, you can add a Featured image. This image appears as a full-width hero image on blog post pages.

Using these settings, you can adjust the appearance of featured images on your blog posts.

Overlay opacity
You can add a colored overlay to your blog post’s featured image.

You can set how visible the overlay is: 0% is completely transparent, and 100% is completely visible.

Overlay color
You can change the color of the overlay.

Note that overlay applies to all of your blog posts’s featured images. We recommend using black or white, as these colors will look great with a wide variety of images.

Text color
You can change the text color for blog post featured images.

We recommend using the opposite color that you used for your overlay, or a color you know will be easy to see on top of all of your images.

You can feature your other posts at the bottom of each blog post page.

Featured blog posts section

Add heading text to be used by this section.
Select the blog that you would like to feature on the home page.
Select how many posts you would like to feature. This ranges from three to twelve.

Recently viewed products

You can choose to display the customer’s most recently viewed products to them. For more information about this section, see the Recently viewed products article.