“How does Context’s cart work?”

Context has two ways to view the cart.

One is the quick cart drawer that appears when you click on the cart icon at the top of each page.

Quick cart

The other is the cart page that appears when the customer ends up on your-store.com/cart.

Cart page

If you want to change the appearance of the quick cart drawer, check out the General settings > Cart settings.

If you want to change its colors, check out the drawers color settings settings.

Enable cart notes
Show or hide custom cart note text.

You can see the quick cart note in the image above.

Quick cart note
Add or change the text for the quick cart note.

You can use Liquid to enter order-specific information, like the customer’s order-specific information, like the customer’s {{ subtotal }}. Learn more.

Quick cart note

You can use Liquid variables to to personalize the quick cart note.

Just add a valid Liquid keyword, like {{ subtotal }} to your note. Now, every customer can see their cart’s subtotal in the quick cart note.

There are a lot of Liquid variables, and it’s easy to get carried away. We recommend keeping quick cart notes short, simple and to the point.