“How do I configure my collection pages?”

The collection page displays any collection that you have set up in your Shopify dashboard’s Collections section.

Collection page with feature image enabled

Show collection image
Enable a featured collection image, which is displayed next to the collection’s name and description.

Filtering and sorting

Collections pages include “Filter” and “Sort” functionality.

Collection filter

To add filters to a collection, you need to add corresponding product tags to each product that should be filterable. You can do this from your Shopify dashboard’s Products section.

The filter looks for tags in the format Group_Filter, where Group is the filter group (like Color, Size, Material, and so on) and Filter is the name of the filter. It is important that you use an _ underscore as a separator.

As an example, see the following products and their tags:

Product Tags
Large Bag Size_Large, Type_Bag
Small Bag Size_Small, Type_Bag

If these products were part of the same collection, there would be three filterable tags (Large, Small, Bag) in two groups (Size, Type).

They would be displayed like this:



Collection pages include a featured blog posts section. For more information, see the Featured blog posts article.

Recently viewed products

Collection pages include a recently viewed products section. For more information, see the Recently viewed products article.