“How can I configure a featured collection on the home page?”

The featured collection section lets you display the content of any of your product collections on your home page.

You can configure the look and feel of featured collections with row settings, alignment settings and more.

Featured collection section

On mobile devices, the featured collection becomes a left-to-right swipeable collection.

While customizing your home page, this feature is available by using the Add section button.

For more information about product collections see Shopify’s Building product collections documentation.

For more information about collection pages, see the Collection pages article.

Choose the collection that you would like to feature.
Provide (optional) heading text to accompany your collection.
Provide a line or two of additional text about the featured collection.
Link text
Provide text that should be used as a call to action to view the collection. For example, “Shop now” or “Shop the collection”.
Heading alignment
Choose where the heading and subheading for this section should be placed.

This can be Left, Center or Right. See examples

Products per row
Choose how many products should be shown for each row of this section.

Choose between 2 and 4 products per row.

Choose the maximum amount of rows that should be shown for this section.

Choose between 1 and 4 rows.

Heading alignment

When you change the Heading alignment setting, this slightly changes the layout of the section.

The following image outlines the layout differences:

Left, center, and right alignment styles

Section style

Section style settings allow you to change the look of the section you are editing without changing the look of all the others.

You can change the style of many home page and product page sections across the site.

Outline section
Select this checkbox to remove the section’s background color and outline the section with a border instead. See an example

Outline section

When you enable an Outline section setting, it removes the section background, letting your store’s global background color to show through. It then adds a border around the section, which uses your store’s border color setting.

Outline section disabled (left) and enabled (right)

For more information about color settings, see the Colors article.