“How can I customize my theme’s footer?”

The footer is the bottom-most section of your store. Use the footer to share a short description of your store and add additional navigation menus that help customers quickly find out more information about what you do.

Footer on desktop

On mobile devices, the footer takes up much more vertical space and can take up an entire screen:

Footer on mobile


You can show or hide the payment methods you accept in the footer.

Show payment icons
Select this checkbox to show icons for payment methods that your store accepts.


You can add up to four content blocks to your footer. These blocks can be text blocks or navigation links.

Use the Add content button to add a new block.


A text block is just what is sounds like: it’s a block of text that you can use to say anything you want. Typically, this would be used to describe who you are and what you sell.

Add a heading for the text block.
Add text. We recommend keeping this to two or three sentences.

You can add any of the menus you have configured in your Shopify dashboard’s Navigation settings area. Once you have chosen a menu, Context pulls in its name and all of its menu items into your footer.

Pick from your existing navigation menus.