“How does the images with text section work?”

Each images with text section allows you to create images with a heading and description displayed underneath. If you’d like, the entire block can act as a link.

Images with text on desktop

On larger screens (like tablets, laptops and desktops) there are two images with text displayed per row.

You can create asymmetrical sections just by using images with different aspect ratios, or by pairing a block of shorter text with a block of longer text. Or, you can pair similar images and text to create a classic symmetrical layout.

On mobile devices, only one image with text per row is displayed.

images with text on a mobile device

While customizing your home page, this feature is available by using the Add section button.

Each block has the following settings:

Choose an image for the image with text block.
Add heading text. We recommend keeping this to a few words.
Subheading text
Add a subheading or description. We recommend keeping this to a line or two.
Paste a URL or add a link to a page in your store.

Note that the entire block becomes a link.