“Is Context responsive? What does that mean exactly?”

Context is responsive, which means every detail of your store looks great no matter what device you’re using.

Context on desktop and mobile

When you’re on your phone, features scale up to full-width, making everything big, bold, and easy to read.

When you’re on your desktop, features scale to just the right size, giving your store the style and structure it deserves.

What to expect on landscape-oriented screens

Context fills desktops and tablets with left-to-right rows of images and marketing text. There’s plenty of white-space so your pages never look too busy.

Mosaic grid on desktop

Instagram section on desktop

Blog index on desktop

What to expect on portrait-oriented screens

On mobile phones, Context’s left-to-right layouts transforms effortlessly into top-to-bottom layouts. It looks and feels like some of the best mobile apps.

Slideshow on mobile

Featured collection on mobile

Menus also pop out into thumb-friendly “drawers,” meaning it’s easier for customers to get from your spring collection to mobile checkout.

Mobile drawer example