“How do I integrate my theme with my social media accounts?”

From the Theme settings > Social media settings page, you can start better connecting your store with your social media accounts – as well as the customers who share your pages.

An image shown when customers share a link to your store on their social media accounts.

Learn more via Shopify’s Choosing a social media image article.

Enable sharing for blog articles
Allow blog posts to be shared.


Share on Facebook
Show Facebook icons on product pages so customers can share items with their Facebook friends.
Tweet on Twitter
Show Twitter icons on product pages so customers can tweet them.
Pin on Pinterest
Show Pinterest icons on product pages so customers can pin them to a Pinterest board.

These settings allow you to configure your store’s social media accounts whenever they are linked to somewhere in your store. Specifically, the social media icons home page section and the footer.

Make sure your links are formatted like the example links provided. For example, your Instagram sharing link should be formatted like https://instagram.com/your-handle.