“How can I customize my theme’s typography?”

You can customize your store’s fonts from the Typography panel on your Customize theme page.

The font used for header text store-wide.
Body text
The font used for body, link, and button text store-wide.
Logo font
The font used in your logo. If you’re using a custom logo image, this font will be used as a backup.
Logo font size
The font size for your logo. You can move the button along the slider to select a font size from 16 pixels to 40 pixels.

If you’re still deciding what fonts your store should use, we recommend reading a bit about font pairing, so you can pick the fonts that convey your brand’s voice.

Shopify’s Font Library

Context provides over 200 free fonts through Shopify’s Font Library.

Font pairing

If you haven’t already picked fonts for your store, we thought you might be interested in some resources that can help you pair fonts effectively.