“How can I configure a featured collection on the home page?”

The featured collection section lets you display the content of any of your product collections on your home page. Products appear in a grid.

Featured collection section

For more information about product collections see Shopify’s Building product collections documentation.

Product title / price style
Choose from Always display title/price or Display title/price on hover. When you choose the setting Display title/price on hover, the title and price only appear when the customer hovers over the product with their mouse. See an example
Products per row
Configure how many products should be displayed per row in your featured collection. Choose anywhere between One and Five products.
Select a collection for your store’s list of collections.

Display title/price on hover

When you choose the Product title / price style called Display title/price on hover, the title and price only appear on hover.

Display title/price on hover

The background color and text color of the hover effect can be set from Ira’s color settings in the general settings tab.

How are images cropped on my collection pages?

On collection pages, your images are not cropped, although they may be resized so that two or three products can fit in a row.

For a consistent layout we strongly recommend that you pick a single image size and use it for every product in your store.

If it is not possible to use a single image size, using the same aspect ratio (as long as the minimum image width is our recommended width of 1024 pixels) will provide a consistent experience, too.

Here’s a table of recommended image dimensions:

Width Height Aspect ratio
1024 pixels* 1024 pixels* 1:1 (square)
1024 pixels* 683 pixels* 3:2 (landscape)
1024 pixels* 1536 pixels* 2:3 (portrait)

* Recommended dimensions. Notice that the minimum recommended width is always 1024 pixels.