“How do I integrate my theme with social media?”

Ira includes social media icons that you can use to link to your store’s social media accounts. The icons can appear in your promotions bar if enabled in the header settings, and in your footer using the footer settings.

Here’s an image with social icons enabled in the promotions bar:

Promotions bar with currency converter and social links enabled

You can see this live in the promotions bar on the Street demo.

Here’s an example of a footer with social links enabled:

The social media icons in the footer

You can see this feature live in the footer of the Ecstatic demo.

To set social links up, put your social media page’s URL into the matching field of your social media settings.

For example, a YouTube channel URL would look something like https://www.youtube.com/user/shopify, where shopify would be your own username.

Social media icon settings in Ira