“How do I configure the checkout?”

The checkout has its own color and typography settings, as well as settings for a custom background, logo and form fields. It does not obey the global settings you set elsewhere in Lorenza.

The checkout consists of two panels. To the left is the main panel and to the right is the order summary panel.

The checkout page

On mobile, the order summary panel can be toggled with the Show order summary link.

The mobile checkout page

There are additional checkout settings you can customize from the Settings > Checkout page of your Shopify admin panel, including customer accounts, form options, order processing rules, language and refund, privacy and terms of service statements. For more information, see Shopify’s article Set up your online checkout.

The checkout settings are the same across all Shopify themes and are not specific to Lorenza. If you require help with your checkout page we suggest that you reach out to Shopify.