“How can I configure a collections list section on the home page?”

Display a list of up to nine product collections on your storefront. You can toggle collection names, change how many collections appear in each row and give the section a title and description of its own.

Featured collections section

For more information about product collections see Shopify’s Building product collections documentation.

Heading text
Add a title for the collections list section. This setting is optional.
Add a description for the featured collections section. This setting is optional.
Collections per row
Change how many collections appear per row. Options include 1, 2, 3, Alternating 2–3 and Alternating 3–2. See an example
Overlay color
Set a color that sits on top of your collection featured images.
Overlay opacity
Set how visible the Overlay color that you set above should be. Options include Transparent, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%.
Collections to feature
Choose up to eight collections to feature from the available dropdown menus. You need to create product collections before you can add them to the featured collections section. See Shopify’s Building product collections documentation for more information.

Collections per row

There are five different layouts you can use to display your product collections: 1 collection per row, 2 collections per row, 3 collections per row, Alternating 2–3 collections per row and Alternating 3–2 collections per row.

No matter which layout you choose, the collection featured images scale to take up the full width of the storefront.

Here’s what an Alternating 2-3 layout looks like:

Alternating 2-3 layout

And here’s what an Alternating 3-2 layout looks like:

Alternating 3-2 layout


Using the Add collection button, you can add up to nine collections to display in each of your collections lists.