“How does the popup newsletter subscription form work?”

You can encourage users to sign up for your newsletter if Lorenza detects that they intends to leave your site. It detects this by checking if their browser window has been idle for some time.

Enable exit intent
Select this checkbox to automatically trigger the newsletter popup if your customer intends to leave your site.
Enable landing popup
Select this checkbox to automatically trigger the newsletter popup after they have been at your store for the amount of time that you configure with the Time upon landing until popup triggers setting below. Note: if both exit intent and landing popup are enabled, then the popup will appear for both conditions, which may annoy your customers.
Time upon landing until popup triggers
Set a duration of time before the landing popup appears. You can set the time to 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds or 20 seconds.
Heading text
The heading text for the newsletter popup. This is the most dominant text on the popup.
A short message to inform users about your newsletter content.
Feature image
An upload form that takes a feature image for the exit intent popup. The recommended size is 580px wide with a portrait (2:3) orientation.
Width Height
580 pixels* 870 pixels*

* Minimum recommended dimensions.

Newsletter setup

Once a customer has submitted their email address using this form, it is added to your list of customers in the Customers area of your Shopify admin. In order to send emails to your customers, you need to hook your customers up to an email platform like MailChimp or Klaviyo through the use of either a dedicated or third-party app.

Customers that sign up for the newsletter by choosing to submit their email address via your store won’t have a last order attributed to them. If you view their customer details, you’ll notice that they have the prospect and newsletter tags. This is useful if you want to target potential customers with specific email newsletters.

To learn more about managing customers, you can check out Shopify’s article about Customers.

Mailchimp for Shopify integration

Mailchimp for Shopify integration has been phased out since May 2019. You can still use Mailchimp with our themes!

All of the information about the changes can be found here: https://mailchimp.com/help/shopify-workarounds.

The article provides a few options for third-party integration, with instructions for installation. There are several third-party providers to connect your Mailchimp account to Shopify: ShopSync, Zapier, and Automate.io. The emails that are collected by the theme (and all themes in the Shopify theme store) go to the Customers area of your store’s admin under the filter ‘accepts marketing’.

The ‘accepts marketing’ field should include the email addresses from customers who added their email when purchasing and consented to receive emails, and anyone who signed up for emails from the popup or from the Newsletter in the homepage section. You can view any email address from that category using the filter in the Customers area.

Your chosen third-party integration app will connect the collected emails with your Mailchimp list.

Fluorescent’s Support team is here to help with anything with anything that has to do with our theme! If you’re having issues connecting your collected emails with your Mailchimp list, and the emails are going to “accepts marketing”, we recommend reaching out to your third-party integration app.

How is my feature image cropped?

The popup featured image is cropped to be an image with a 2:3 aspect ratio (portrait). If you upload a square or landscape-oriented image, parts of your image will be cropped so that it fits into a portrait-sized container.

The diagram below demonstrates how the popup featured image is cropped when the uploaded image is a 1:1 (square) image or a 3:2 (landscape) image. Notes that the 2:3 (portrait) image is not cropped. Popup featured image cropping