“How do I use the product slider section on my home page?”

You can feature a collection of products on your home page by using the product slider section. The slider layout displays your featured products on a single-row slider. Customers can use the arrows to navigate through the full list of products.

Slider layout

The product slider works like a slideshow. Customers can use the left and right arrow buttons to scroll through the products in the collection.

Alternatively, you can feature products using the product grid and product parallax sections.

Before you can feature products, you need to create a product collection specifically for the products you want to feature. For more information about product collections see Shopify’s Building product collections documentation.

Select a product collection with the products you wish to feature in it. You need to create a product collection before you can use the featured products section. See Shopify’s Building product collections documentation for more information.
Show collection title
Select this checkbox to place the collection title above the product grid.
Show collection description
Select this checkbox to place the collection’s description above the product grid.
Show background accent
Select this checkbox to enable the accent color as a background for the slider.