“How do I configure my slideshow?”

The slideshow section takes up to six slides. Each slide can be configured with a unique image, text for a heading and link to a page of your choice.

There are also some global slideshow settings:

Auto rotate between slides
Select this checkbox to make Lorenza automatically change slides after a specified duration. See an example
Rotation interval
If the Auto rotate between slides setting is enabled, you can set how long Lorenza should wait before changing slides. You can set the interval to 5 seconds, 7 seconds or 10 seconds.
Text color
The color of the text that appears on your slides.
Overlay color
The color of the overlay that sits on top of your slide images.
Overlay opacity
Set the slide overlay opacity. The opacity ranges from Transparent (disabled) to 100% ( your slide image is completely covered by the set overlay color). See an example

Auto rotate between slides

Lorenza can automatically change slides at a specified duration. Alternately, customers can use the arrows on either side to manually change slides.

Overlay opacity

You can set the overlay opacity to Transparent (or disabled), 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% or 100%. The overlay color and opacity can help make the slide text easier to read. In the image below, you can see what the overlay opacity looks like at 20% on the left, and 80% on the right. The overlay color is set to a light grey (#eeeeee).

Slideshow overlay opacity

Slide settings

You can set and enable up to six slides for the slideshow.

An upload form that takes a slideshow image.
Width Height
1280 pixels* 854 pixels*

* Recommended dimensions. For the best experience, 1280 pixels is a required minimum width. If you want to use different dimensions, we recommend going larger rather than smaller.

Heading text
The heading text. This is the most dominant text on the slide.
A link to a page of your choice. This is generally another page in your store.

Both the heading text and link settings are optional. If you wanted, you could display a slide with nothing on it except for an image.