“How do I feature testimonials and quotes on my home page?”

You can use a testimonial section to feature quotes from customers or press on your home page. Each quote can have an optional icon associated with it – perfect for an avatar or a logo.

Testimonial section

While customizing your home page, this feature is available by using the Add section button.

Icon style

The following setting applies for the entire testimonials section, so that each block is uniform.

Choose how wide each icon should be. Choose between 40 pixels and 150 pixels.

Section style

Section style settings allow you to change the look of the section you are editing without changing the look of all the others.

You can change the style of many home page and product page sections across the site.

Outline section
Select this checkbox to remove the section’s background color and outline the section with a border instead. See an example

Outline section

When you enable an Outline section setting, it removes the section background, letting your store’s global background color to show through. It then adds a border around the section, which uses your store’s border color setting.

Outline section disabled (left) and enabled (right)

For more information about color settings, see the Colors article.


You can have many quotes in the testimonials section. Use the Add testimonial button to add new blocks.

Add an icon to represent the quote. This field is optional.
Add the quote text you want to be featured.
Add the testimonial author’s name.