“What’s the ‘Popup’ section, and how do I use it?”

The popup section lets you configure an interactive promotional popup. This popup makes it easy for customers to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Context tries to detect whether a customer is still interested in a page, or is getting ready to leave. If it detects “exit intent,” the popup is displayed.

On larger screens, this popup appears in the bottom right corner of the window.

Exit intent

On mobile devices, it appears in the center of the window.

Exit intent mobile

You can customize the look and feel of the popup by changing all of the text elements or adding an image.

Exit intent with image

Choose an image to feature on the popup.

This image is optional.

Add heading text for your popup.
Provide a line or two of additional text for the popup.
Close button text
Change the text on the button used to close the popup. We recommend using language like “No thanks,” or “Not interested.”

Newsletter setup

Once a customer has submitted their email address using this form, it is added to your list of customers in the Customers area of your Shopify admin. Now, in order to send emails to your customers, you need to hook your customers up to a email platform via a Shopify app like ShopSync.