“How do I configure the cart?”

Customers can preview their cart by pressing on the cart header control icon at the top of any page. This shows them any products they’ve added to their cart, and it’s where they can find a link to the Checkout page.

Enable order notes
Turns on a textbox that allows customers to specify any instructions to you as the seller.
See Shopify’s Cart documentation to learn more about this feature.
Show product vendor
Select this checkbox to show the product vendor as specified when you set up a product. See Shopify’s Products documentation to learn about setting up products.

When you enable order notes, a text box appears on the shopping cart page, right before checkout, customers can use to give you as the seller special instructions for shipping.

Order notes enabled

When you show the product vendor, the vendor is displayed underneath the product name while on the shopping cart page. If no vendor is configured on the product, it shows nothing.

Show product vendor