“How can I use the testimonials section on my home page?”

The testimonials section allows you to place up to three columns of testimonials from customers, side by side.

After three testimonials, additional rows will be created—up to three testimonials per row. Testimonials include a quote, as well as a customer’s name and profile image.

If a customer is using a mobile device, Ira will layout the testimonials as two columns or a single column instead.

Testimonials example

Testimonials on a mobile device

Section settings

In addition to the testimonials, you can add a heading and subheading that precedes the section.

The heading text. This is the most dominant text of the section.
Information about or a description of the testimonials below. We recommend keeping this to a short sentence or two.

Testimonial block settings

Each testimonial has its own settings.

The quotation or message you wish to display as the testimonial. We recommend keeping all of your testimonial blocks about the same length.
The customer’s name, or who the quote should be attributed to.
Profile image
Upload a profile image for the customer. We recommend using a close-up photo of the customer’s face. See an example
Width Height Aspect ratio
200 pixels* 200 pixels* 1:1 (square)

* Recommended dimensions. While you can choose to use a larger image, it will be resized and cropped to a circle.

Profile images

Testimonial profile images are cropped to a circle. This is to highlight the customer’s face.

We recommend choosing photos that prominently feature your customer’s face. If you have a portrait image of your customer, try to crop it around their face and head before you upload it to the testimonials section. Here’s an example of a good profile image crop:

Profile image crop digram