“Does Lorenza work well on mobile devices?”

Lorenza is responsive, which means your store looks great no matter what device you’re on.

Lorenza on desktop and mobile{.marketing}

When you’re on your phone, Lorenza’s grids and features scale up to full-width, making everything easy to read and easy to use.

When you’re on your desktop, features scale to just the right size, giving your store the boldness and beauty it needs to stand out.

What to expect on landscape-oriented screens

Lorenza fully utilizes the high-resolution screens of desktops and tablets. Its pages are spacious. The text is big and bold, and subtle animations make your store jump out.

Asymmetrical feature

Featured product parallax style

Featured products slider

What to expect on portrait-oriented screens

On mobile phones, Lorenza’s layout shrinks into tidy, full-width tiles tiles, complete with Shopify’s responsive checkout, mobile-friendly search and dropdown collections picker.

Featured content in mobile view

Featured content in mobile view

Catalog in mobile view