“How do I integrate my theme with social media?”

You can set up social media links to your store’s social media accounts. Once you have added the links, they appear in your store footer.

To set the links up, put your social media page’s URL into the matching field of your social media settings.

For example, a YouTube channel URL would look something like https://www.youtube.com/user/shopify, where shopify would be your own username.

Share buttons on product pages

Each of your product pages includes share buttons. It allows customers to share your products with their Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. This is enabled by default, but you can disable them using the corresponding checkboxes on the Social media page.

If you want, you can disable the share buttons by deselecting the Enable product sharing checkbox.

Social media share buttons on a product page

Share buttons on blog posts

The share buttons also appear on your blog posts. You can disable them by deselecting the Enable blog post sharing checkbox.

You can also enable share buttons on your blog posts