“How do I use the stacked images with text section?”

The stacked images with text section adds big, bold images that take of half the width of the home page. The other half is filled with headings, text and a link. You can add links to specific products or collections. Perfect for a lookbook.

Each of the stacked images with text blocks have the following settings available.

An upload form that takes an image.
Width Height
1280 pixels* 1677 pixels*

* Recommended image dimensions. We strongly suggest creating an image with these dimensions for use with this feature. Extra long portrait images with a 1:3 aspect ratio fit best in this area.

The heading text. This is the most dominant text on the feature.
The body text. We recommend keeping this down to two or three sentences.
Choose a link to a page of your choice. This is generally another page in your store. A button will be used to serve this link.
Button text
The text that appears on your button.