Store access requests


Our support team may need to access your storefront's Shopify admin to assist you. To do so, our team will send a Collaborator Request. Before our team can begin working, the store owner must accept the request.

Our team will request access only as needed to address issues on your store. Collaborators do not count towards your store's staff limit, and you can cancel or edit requests at any time.

Sharing collaborator request code

If your store requires Collaborator codes ↗, you must share the code with our team before we can submit a request.

To find your store's collaborator code, go to Settings > Users and Permissions. Copy the 4-digit Collaborator request code and send it to us by email.

Accepting collaborator requests

After our support team submits an access request, Shopify will send you an email notification to your store's primary email address.

As the store owner, you can either grant access based on our support team's request or modify the permissions before accepting.

  1. Open the email, then click View request.

    Access requests are also found in Settings > User and permissions. Click Review request in the notification under Collaborators.

  2. Review the permissions under Collaborator information.

    You can edit selected permissions if needed.

  3. Click Accept request.

Removing collaborator access

After our support team has addressed your issue, you may want to remove collaborator access. You can manage collaborator access in Settings > Users and permissions.


In your Shopify Admin:

  1. Click Settings > Users and permissions.

  2. Click the collaborator's name.

  3. Click Remove collaborator account.

  4. Enter your password, and then click Remove.

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