Theme retirement | Context is no longer available on the Shopify theme store. Theme support and updates for current users will end after May 18, 2024. Learn more here.

The Popup section was updated and the Age Verification popup was added in v5.3.0 on Oct 27, 2022. See our change log and Theme update guide to learn more.

The Sign up popup encourages customers to add their email to your newsletter. Context looks for "exit intent" of customers, so if they open a new tab or if their mouse accelerates to leave, the popup will appear.

Signup forms are also available in the Newsletter and Footer sections.

Note | Newsletter subscribers are added to your "accepts marketing" Customers list. You can learn more in Shopify's guides to Email subscriber list management and Using Shopify Email for email marketing article.

Set up popup

Enable the Popup to appear automatically and add an image, custom message, and adjust its colors to match your store.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click to the Popup section to open the settings.

  2. Check the Enable checkbox to turn on the popup feature.

  3. Select the Popup position for where on the screen the popup should appear.

    Choose either Top left, Bottom left, Top right, or Bottom right.

    On mobile devices, the popup appears beneath the header at the top of the screen.

  4. (Optional.) Change the Close button text when customers decline to signup.

Add headings

Change the popup content by clicking on the Heading and Subheading blocks nested under the Popup section.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click on the Heading and Subheading blocks to edit the text.

    We recommend a short Heading of less than 7 words and a Subheading with 1 or 2 short sentences.

  2. Click Save.

Add image

Design your popup with custom colors, images, and content layout.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Under the Popup section, click (+) Add block and select Image.

  2. Click on the Image block to open the block settings and Select image for the the top of popup. The image does not display on mobile to avoid covering the screen.

    We recommend a landscape (3:2) image.

  3. Click Save.

Settings reference

The Popup section has the following settings.



Turn the popup feature on.

Popup position

The location of the popup on desktop devices. Either Top left, Bottom left, Top right, or Bottom right. The popup appears beneath the header on mobile.

Close button text

Change the text for the button that closes the popup when clicked.


he image displayed at above the popup on desktop. Recommended dimensions: Landscape (3:2) image.


Add text for the heading of the popup.


Add subheading text to display below the heading.

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