“How can product pages be customized?”

Ira’s product pages let customers view product images in a fullscreen lightbox. They can also be customized with global information that is displayed across all your product pages.

Here’s a video showing how the lightbox feature works when a product has multiple product images:

Image background color
The background color that appears behind your product images. See an example
Show related products
Select this checkbox to show the related products section underneath your product information.

The related products section pulls in a list of products from products in the same collection. See an example

Use stacked product images
Select this checkbox to show all of the product images stacked on top of one another.

Customers can see all of a product’s images by simply scrolling down the page. See an example

Add content
Choose to either add a Tab or Share buttons to your product pages. Learn more

You can only add share buttons to your product pages once.

To access your product pages settings, you need to navigate to a product in your store while you are customizing the theme settings. If you are having trouble finding these settings, follow these instructions:

  1. From your Shopify admin, to the Online Store > Themes page and use the Customize theme button to start customizing your themes.
  2. In the preview of your store on the right side of the page, navigate one of your product’s pages.
  3. Open the Product pages settings.

How are my product images cropped?

On product pages, Ira doesn’t crop images. However, it resizes images so that all of your product images are the same width. As you scroll down your product page, you can see your product images appear down the right-hand side, one after another.

For a consistent layout we strongly recommend that you pick a single image size and use it for every product in your store.

If it is not possible to use a single image size, using the same aspect ratio (as long as the minimum image width is our recommended width of 1024 pixels) will provide a consistent experience, too.

Here’s a table of recommended image dimensions:

Width Height Aspect ratio
1024 pixels* 1024 pixels* 1:1 (square)
1024 pixels* 683 pixels* 3:2 (landscape)
1024 pixels* 1536 pixels* 2:3 (portrait)

* Recommended dimensions. Notice that the minimum recommended width is always 1024 pixels.

Image background color

When the Stacked product images setting is disabled, there may be empty space underneath your product’s list of images.

You can change the background color displayed in this empty space, where additional images would appear if you added them.

In the following image, you can see the parts of the product page that are affected by this setting:

The image background color setting

If it’s enabled, the related products section appears as a full-width section underneath all of your product information and product images.

Related products section

Stacked product images

This setting offers an alternative layout for product images. Instead of letting customers choose which image to view in a lightbox, all of a product’s images are displayed and can be viewed by scrolling down the page.

Add content

Product pages can include global information about your store, as well as share buttons that let customers share your products via social media. You can add these with the Add content setting blocks.


Tabs add fold-up sections of text to each of your product pages. These tabs are great for shipping and returns information.

When you add a tab, you can choose any page you’ve set up on your store. This displays the text content from that page.

Before you can display a tab, you’ll need to create a page that you want to display in your Shopify admin. See Shopify’s Pages documentation for more information.

By default, Ira displays the product description. When customers select a tab, the product description is hidden in order to display the tab content, such as Shipping or Returns.

The product tabs on an Ira product page

Share buttons

In addition to tabs with text content, you can add a tab with share buttons. These buttons allow your customers to share the current product directly to their social media followers.

Product page share buttons