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When saving your images, you'll want to consider what format (or file type) to use. Shopify supports the most common file formats, which are equally great choices for your online store: JPG, PNG, WebP, and GIF.

These formats are popular because they balance size with quality and are widely supported across all browsers.

That said, each format has different benefits and common uses that are worth considering when creating your images.

FormatCommon use


The most widely-used format for still images with excellent balance between size and quality.


Higher precision yet large file size than JPG. Best for small images (e.g. icons and logos) with transparent backgrounds.


A relatively newer format with increasing browser-support and superior compression to JPG and PNG. Great for precise images and animation sequences.


Ideal for small, simple images and animations.


Uncompressed image file often used for scanned photographs with metadata. Typically avoided for web content.

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