Theme retirement Ira is no longer available on the Shopify theme store. Theme support and updates for current users will end after May 18, 2024. Learn more here.

The Footer appears at the bottom of every page. It's a great place for quick-access links, contact details, and other store information.

In the Footer section settings, choose to enable the Language selector, Country selector, payment icons, and Social media icons.

Add four different types of Content blocks and re-arrange them in your Footer:

Adjust their Desktop width and Padding, or add a Spacer block, to create the best layout for your Footer.

Language selector

Ira supports selling in multiple languages. After you have added and published languages to your store, enable the Language selector to let customers select their preferred language.

Ira comes with translations for default theme text in 11 languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (PT), Russian, Swedish, Chinese (Simplified).

See our Selling in multiple languages guide to learn more. You can add multiple languages in your Shopify admin and use a translation app to translate your store content.

Country selector

Enable the Country selector to let customers to view your products with their preferred currency. The selector displays countries with their currencies supported in your Shopify Market settings.

Shopify | See Shopify's Sell in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments guide to learn how to add multiple currencies.

Payment icons

Enable Payment icons to display a row of supported payment methods.

Shopify | Themes do not control which payment icons appear. Payment methods are a Shopify feature. See Shopify's Payments manual to learn more.

Advanced: Add or remove payment icons

Our support does not cover custom code. These steps are offered only as a reference. we recommend working with a developer through Shopify Experts ↗ or Task Husky ↗.

If you are familiar with coding, you can edit the payment-icons.liquid file to add or remove payment icons that are displayed.

When editing theme code, always duplicate your current theme and use the unpublished theme copy to test your changes before publishing.


From your Shopify admin:

  1. Go to Online store > Themes.

  2. Find your current theme, then click the ... button and select Duplicate theme.

  3. On the duplicated theme, click the ... button and select Edit code.

  4. In the Snippets folder, click payment-icons.liquid to open the file.

  5. Find the following code:

{% for type in enable_payment_types %}

  1. Replace that code with the following code:


{% assign enabled_payment_types = 'visa,master,american_express,paypal' | remove: ' ' | split: ',' %} {% for type in enabled_payment_types %}


7.  Edit the payment type values to change which icons are displayed. Separate each value with a comma.

    > The default list is `visa,master,american_express,paypal`. Find all [available payment values](\_icons/tree/master/app/assets/images/payment\_icons). Copy the name but do not include `.svg`


8. Click **Save**.
9. After testing, you can go to your Theme library to **Publish** the duplicated theme with your changes.


## Social media icons

Add your social media links in the Theme settings to automatically display those social icons in the Text and image footer block. Enter the full URL, including **`https://`**.

Supported social media platforms include: **Facebook**, **Instagram**, **LinkedIn**, **Pinterest**, **Snapchat**, **TikTok**, **Tumblr**, X (**Twitter)**, **Vimeo**, and **Youtube**.


<summary><mark style="color:blue;">STEPS</mark></summary>

In your theme editor (**Customize**):

1. Click the **Theme settings** icon.
2. Click to open the **Social media** tab.
3. Copy and paste the full URLs of your social accounts, including the **`https://`**.
4.  Click **Save**.

    > See instructions to enable social icons in the Header, Footer, and Popups.


## Follow on shop

You can enable **Follow on Shop** in the **Newsletter** or **Text and image** footer blocks. Follow on Shop allows customers to follow your store on the Shop app and receive personalized recommendations and notifications about your products.

Click on the block and select the **Enable Follow on Shop** checkbox.

<div data-gb-custom-block data-tag="hint" data-style='success'>

<mark style="color:green;">**Shopify**</mark> | Follow on Shop is a Shopify feature. To use this feature, you need to have the Shop channel installed, and Shop Pay activated on your store. See [Shopify's Follow on Shop guide]( for assistance.




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