⚠️Theme retirement

After careful consideration, we've decided to retire our Ira theme. This means that we will no longer provide theme support or updates for current users after May 18, 2024.

Beyond this date, the stability and performance of Ira may be impacted by future updates on Shopify. We recommend transferring to a new theme and working with a Shopify Expert for further assistance.

We sincerely thank you for using our theme to grow your business, and we're here to answer any questions as you take the next steps with your online store.

Why are we retiring Ira?

We built Ira in 2016, and a lot has changed over 8 years on Shopify. Our focus is on providing the most modern and performant themes, like Stiletto and Cornerstone, which are built to make the most of Shopify features now and into the future.

What happens when Ira is retired?

While your theme will continue to function as-is, there will likely come a time where changes to Shopify, web standards, or the apps that you use, will introduce changes that will cause the theme to behave unexpectedly or not work.

However, we want to assure you that our commitment to your success remains. You can always contact us for assistance, and we will keep all documentation available for reference.

Migrating to a new theme

In order to remain compatible with future Shopify updates, the best option is to transfer to a new theme. Our theme migration guide has tips and advice, along with extra resources for upgrading to the Stiletto theme.

If you choose to continue using Ira, any fixes and updates will need to be done by working with a freelance developer familiar with Shopify.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Ira's retirement, please get in touch. For questions about updates and theme support, please contact us before May 18, 2024.

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