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Theme retirement Ira is no longer available on the Shopify theme store. Theme support and updates for current users will end after May 18, 2024. Learn more here.

The Rich text section adds a single full-width block for promotional text. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store. Add an optional call-to-action button. It looks great between two image-focused sections.

Set up section

Add this section to any template (except Checkout) and use the drag-and-drop handles to re-order its position. You can add this section multiple times with different content and settings.

Editing a template changes all pages that use that template. To edit specific pages, you can create new templates or insert dynamic content with metafields.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Select a Template to edit from the dropdown menu in the top bar.

    Learn how to use templates in our Templates guide.

  2. Under Template, click (+) Add section and select Rich text.

  3. Click and hold the drag-and-drop handles ⋮⋮ to re-order your sections.

Add heading and text

The Rich text section has three blocks for a Heading, Rich text, and an optional Small heading.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the Heading block to change the section title.

    We recommended a short title of just a few words.

  2. Click the Rich text block ("Use this text area...") to change the text.

    Use the formatting buttons to add text styles, links, or lists. To learn more, see Shopify's Rich text editor guide.

  3. Adjust the Max width of text using the slider.

    Experiment with this setting to find a clean visual shape for your text.

  4. Choose a Text alignment for this section, either Left or Center.

  5. Click Save.

Add button

You can link to you collections or products or any other page with a custom call-to-action button.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click (+) Add block and select Button, then click the new button block.

    This opens the button block settings.

  2. Select or paste a URL for the Link.

  3. Change the Link text to display on the button.

    The most effective button labels ask customers to do something (e.g. Get started, Join us, Shop now). To learn more, read "What is a Call to Action?"

  4. Click Save.

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