Variant chips

Product pages

On product pages, you can product variants as a row of clickable buttons or "Chips", which makes it easy to view them at a glance.

By default, product options for "Size" display as chips. You can display other product options as chips by adding their option name in the theme settings. You can also select a Chip Style to change their layout.

You can also enable Variant swatches on product pages, which display product options as a row of buttons that visually represent your variants with custom colors. See the Variant swatches guide.

Enable chips for variant options

By default, variants with the option name "Size" will display as chips. You can add or remove chips by adding their option name in the theme settings.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click Theme settings, then click Product.

  2. Enter the exact product option name in the Variant option for chips field (e.g. "Size").

    For multiple product options, enter all product option names, separated by commas (e.g. "Color, Material, Style"). For multiple languages, enter the translated option name for each language, separated by commas (e.g. "Color, Couleur, Farbe").

  3. Click Save.

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