Start using Spark

Spark is a premium Shopify theme built by Fluorescent. You can add and purchase Spark through the Shopify Theme Store.

How to migrate your theme content to Spark

If you're upgrading to Spark from an older theme, you will need to transfer your content using the theme editor. For advice and more details, see our guide on Migrating your theme.

Are you using a licensed copy of Spark?

Licensed themes must be bought through the Shopify Theme Store. Theme licenses are valid only for the store that it was purchased for. If you bought a copy of the theme from another vendor or plan on using Spark for another store, you will need to take immediate action to purchase a licensed version. Learn about getting a valid theme license

Try Spark for free

You can start customizing Spark for free before deciding to buy it. Go to the Shopify theme store to start your free trial.

All changes that you make in the theme editor will be saved when you purchase the theme. Use our help guides to start editing your theme.


In your Shopify Admin:

  1. Click Try theme to add the theme to your online store.

    You may need to log in and select your online store.

  2. In your Theme library, click Customize to open Spark in the theme editor.

    Templates cannot be assigned during free trial. All changes to your templates will be saved but can only be assigned when purchased and published.

Buy and publish Spark

When you're ready to purchase Spark go to your theme library and click Buy on your theme trial version. You can only publish themes ↗ to your online store that you've purchased.


In your Shopify Admin:

  1. Go to Online store > Themes.

  2. Click Open sales channel.

  3. Click Themes.

  4. In the Theme library section, click Buy on your copy of Spark the theme to begin the transaction.

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