Replace the store title with a custom logo image. We recommend a logo image with a transparent background and a minimum width of 70px in PNG format.

Tip | Looking to design your own logo? Give Shopify's Hatchful logo creator a try.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click on the Header section to open the section settings.

  2. Under Logo, click Select image and use the file selector to select or upload your logo file.

    We recommend using a logo with a transparent background (PNG format).

  3. Use the Logo width slider to make your logo larger or smaller on either desktop or mobile.

    We recommend using the original pixel width of your uploaded image.

  4. Click Save.

Settings reference

Click on the Header section to find the following Logo settings.


Logo image

Upload a PNG image to display as your store logo in the header. The name of your store displays when no logo image is uploaded.

Logo width

Increase or decrease the width of your logo image measured in pixels. The logo height will change to match the width.

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