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The Blogs page lists your latest blog posts. This guide explains how to set up the blogs page template, and includes tips and recommendations to get you started.

See demos: Natural | Modern

Quick setup

For the blog page template, you first need to set up blog posts in your Shopify admin. Then, in the theme editor, you can customize the blogs template.

Tip | Check out Shopify's guide on How to start a blog and grow your audience.

Set up blog

Before editing the Blog page template, you need to add at least one blog post in your Shopify admin.

You can add custom Excerpt text. By default, Lorenza will display the first couple of sentences from your post. You can add a custom excerpt or post tagline.

Shopify Blog posts are a Shopify feature. See Shopify's guides to create a blog ↗ and add blog posts ↗.

Edit blog page template

The default Blog page template includes display settings for the listed blog post articles, and an option to enable tag navigation.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Use the Templates selector to open Blogs > Default blog.

  2. Under Template, click the Blog posts section to open the settings.

  3. Choose which Layout style should be used. Either Latest blog post featured or 3 blog posts per row.

    Latest blog post featured

    3 blog posts per row

  4. Choose whether to Show RSS link.

    RSS is a way for customers to subscribe to your blog. The people who do love it. Learn more about it from's article [How Do RSS Feeds Work?][rss-feeds].

  5. To make your blog images a uniform shape and size, select the Image aspect ratio to crop your images to Square, Landscape, or Portrait.

    The default Natural setting will display the original orientation of your image.

  6. Click Save.

Settings reference

The Blog pages template has the following settings:


Layout style

Choose from two layouts: either Latest post is featured or 3 blog posts per row.

Show RSS link

Check this checkbox to show an RSS link that goes to the current blog's RSS feed.

Image aspect ratio

Choose to display your images as Square, Landscape, or Portrait. The default Natural setting will display the original orientation of each image.

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