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Product badges are labels that appear on listed products that are on Sale, Sold out, or you can add Custom badges.

This guide shows how to set up and customize product badges. To enable badges to display on product cards, see the Product listing settings.

Why are custom badges not showing?

Make sure the badge tags match the exact spelling of the product tags in your Shopify admin. Also, check that the Show custom badges option is enabled in Theme settings > Product listing.

Sale and sold out badges

The Sale badge shows when a Compare at price is added in the Shopify admin. The Sold out badges show when a product's inventory is zero.

To disable sale or sold-out badges, click Theme settings and open the Product listing tab.

Shopify Discounts and inventory are Shopify features. Learn about Setting sale prices ↗ and Managing inventory ↗ on Shopify.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the Theme settings icon.

  2. Click to open the Product badges tab.

  3. Choose to enable Show sale badge and Show sold out badge.

  4. Use the color selectors to change the Sale badge and Sold-out badge colors.

  5. Click Save

Custom badges

Add up to 4 custom badges to display on products that have the badge tag added in the Shopify admin. For example, add a badge for "New arrivals" or "Limited editions".


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click Theme settings and open the Product badges tab.

  2. Enter the product tags in the Badge tag field.

    For badges to appear, badge tags must match the product tags entered in your Shopify admin.

    To use badge colors for multiple tags, enter the tags in a comma-separated list. For example: “Best seller, New, Special”.

  3. Use the color selector to change the Background and Text colors.

  4. In your Shopify admin, make sure you add the same Badge tag text in the Tags field for your products.

    Learn more about creating and using tags ↗ on Shopify.

  5. Click Save.

Settings reference

Sale colorSelect the color of the text and border of the sale badge.

Sale badge format

Choose to display discounts by percentage or currency amount.

Sold-out color

Select the color of the text and background color of the sold-out badge.

Custom badge tags

Enter the badge tag text that matches Tags field under Product organization in the Shopify admin.

Custom badge color

Select the color of the text and border color of each custom badge.

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