Style presets

Theme settings

Theme styles apply pre-selected settings for colors, fonts, and minor design elements. The change can be quite subtle but will give you a basic starting point for customizing your store’s branding.

Theme styles do not change the layout of page sections, the header, footer, or any individual section settings. Learn more about demo layouts.

Theme styles change settings for:

  • Colors of the background, text, links, borders, header, footer, and buttons.

  • Fonts (including style and size) for logo, headings, body, and button text.

Select theme style

Lorenza has 3 theme styles named after the demo store with the same style settings. You can switch to another theme style, or change the theme settings to create your own style.

View our demo stores to preview the colors and fonts for each theme style:


In your Shopify Admin:

  1. (Recommended.) Duplicate your theme ↗ to save as a backup.

  2. In the theme editor, click the Theme settings icon.

  3. Click the Theme style tab.

  4. Select a preset to preview the styles.

  5. To apply the theme style, click Change style.

    The theme style will overwrite your current settings. Make sure you've duplicated your theme to keep as a backup.

  6. Click Save.

Demo layouts and sections

All Shopify themes include a single layout of empty placeholder sections. Themes cannot include content or images from the demos.

The demos provide just a few examples of how to use the theme. When you download Lorenza, you have access to all the same features found in every demo. You can recreate any feature or page found in the demos. Or you can combine features and customize your store to have a substantially different layout and style, for any industry.

If you’re looking for high-quality images, check out Shopify's collection of royalty-free images.

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