Links block


Display a column of links from one of a Shopify navigation menus ↗. Only top-level links will be displayed.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the arrow beside the Footer section to reveal the content blocks.

  2. Click one of the Links blocks to edit the content or use the (+) Add block button.

  3. Click Change to select a different menu to display.

    For more information about menus on Shopify, see their Menus and links ↗ article.

  4. Change the Heading to title your links.

    Check Show heading on desktop to display the heading at the top of the block on desktop screens.

  5. Use the Desktop width and Desktop padding sliders to adjust the size of the block.

    For best results, make sure all footer block widths add up to 100%. You can also add a Spacer block with an adjustable width to add spacing between blocks.

  6. (Optional.) Click and hold the drag handles ⋮⋮ to rearrange the blocks:

    Click Remove block or the eye icon to delete or hide a block.

  7. Click Save.

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