Transparent header


Make your store's header transparent on your Home page and other pages to display the full height of your Slideshow, Slideshow split, Image hero, or Video hero.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the Header section and scroll down the the Transparent header settings.

  2. Check the Enable on home page checkbox to turn on the transparent header.

    Ensure that you have a Slideshow, Video hero, or Image hero section as the first section on your homepage.

  3. Add a Logo image to be used specifically with the transparent header.

    Use an edited logo image with alternate colors to contrast with your images or video. For example, if your default logo is black, upload a white transparent header logo to contrast with darker images or videos.

  4. Set the Text color and Cart count text color to look good opposite the colors of your images or video.

    Use light colors for darker images and dark colors for lighter images to make sure they are clear and readable.

  5. Click Save.

Settings reference

Click on the Header section to find the following settings:


Enable on home page

Select this checkbox to enable the transparent header feature.

Logo image

Select or upload a logo image when the transparent header is used. This logo is only used when the header is shown as a transparent header. Scroll up to the normal header settings to pick the normal logo.

Text color

Select a color of all header text. Make sure the text is readable against your top-most home page section's background colors, images, or video.

Border color

Select a color for the borders and lines used in the header.

Border opacity

Set the border opacity between 0 (hidden) and 10 (opaque).

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