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The 404 page appears when visitors go to a page that doesn't exist on your store. This may occur when an incorrect URL being entered or because the page has been deleted or hidden.

You do not need to set up a 404 page—it shows by default—but you can choose to add custom theme sections and edit the default theme content.

Edit 404 page template

The 404 page template includes a simple layout that displays a 404 message and a button to redirect customers back to the home page.

To keep customers shopping, you may want to add some custom theme sections, such as a featured collection or a collection list. You can also edit the default theme content to change the wording of the title, subtext, and link label.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Use the Templates selector to open Other > 404 page.

  2. Add and edit theme sections to customize the layout of your page.

    (Recommended.) Consider adding a featured collection or collection list section so customers can continue shopping.

    Click the Hide icon or Remove section button to hide or delete sections.

    Click and hold the drag and drop handles ⋮⋮ to change the order of sections.

  3. To edit the default text, click Actions (...) > Edit default theme content.

    Search "404", and enter new text for the Title, Subtext, or Link label. Learn more about editing default content.

  4. Click Save.

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