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The Collections list template provides the layout and design of the /collections page that displays your store's collections in a grid. Use this page to give customers an overview of all or selected collections.

This guides shows you how to create a selected collections list, and change the layout and style of the collection images and titles.

See demos: Natural | Modern

Quick setup

By default, the Collection list template displays all published collections from your Shopify admin. You can choose to display only selected collections.

You can also adjust the layout of the grid, the shape of collection images (image aspect ratio), and the style of the collection titles and backgrounds.

Shopify Collections are created and edited in your Shopify admin. See Shopify's Collections manual ↗ to learn how to group products into collections.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Use the Templates selector to open Collections list.

  2. Under Template, click on Collections list page from the list of sections.

  3. Choose whether you want to show All of your collections collections or just Selected collections.

    If you choose to show Selected collections, see step 8 to learn how to add those collections.

  4. Choose how many Columns of collections to display. Choose between 2 and 4 columns.

    On small mobile devices, only 1 collection is shown per row.

  5. To make your collection images a uniform shape and size, select the Image aspect ratio to crop your images to Square, Landscape, or Portrait.

    The default Natural setting will display the original orientation of your image.

  6. Choose the Collection title alignment, either Left or Center.

  7. Choose whether to Show product count under the collection titles. title.

  8. (Optional.) If you chose to show Selected collections, return to the top-level Collection list settings.

    Use the +Add Collection to add the number of collections you want. Then click on the new Collection blocks to select a collection.

    Repeat this process until you've added all the selected collections you need.

  9. Click Save.

Settings reference

The following settings are available for the collections list template:


Select collections to show

Choose either All or Selected. If you choose Selected, use the +Add collections button in the list of sections.


Use the slider to display between 2 and 4 collections per row.

Image aspect ratio

Choose to display your images as Square, Landscape, or Portrait. The default Natural setting will display the original orientation of each image.

Collection title alignment

Choose to align collection titles, either Left or Center.

Show product count

Select this checkbox to show the product count for each collection. The count is displayed below the collection title.

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