Demo layouts

All Shopify themes include a single layout of empty placeholder sections. Stietto's default home page layout is based on the Vogue demo.

If you want to use another demo's home page as your starting point, you can use the free template code below.

If you want apply the colors and fonts of a demo, you can change the Theme style in the theme settings. Learn more.

Add template code to your theme

Use the template code below from one of the demos to replace your home page or product page template in the theme code editor. No knowledge of code is necessary - it's as easy as copy and paste.

  • Duplicate your theme and open the theme code editor.

  • Duplicate your theme and open the theme code editor.

  • Copy the demo layout code below and paste it into Layouts > index.json or product.json.

You need a purchased copy of Stiletto to access the theme code editor.


In your Shopify Admin:

  1. Click Actions > Duplicate on your current theme to create a backup version.

  2. Click Actions > Edit code on the duplicated, unpublished theme.

  3. In the Layouts folder, find and click on the index.json (home page) or product.json file.

  4. Click to open the raw code for the layouts from one of the demos below.

    The template code does not include demo store content or images.

  5. Select all the template code and copy it to your clipboard.

    You can use keyboard shortcuts to Select all (ctrl-a or cmd-a) and copy (ctrl-c or cmd-c).

  6. Select all of the current code in the index.json or product.json file and paste the new code to replace it.

    You can use keyboard shortcuts for Select all (ctrl-a or cmd-a) and paste (ctrl-v or cmd-v).

  7. Click Save.

    That's it! You can now find the updated templates in your theme editor for the duplicate theme. Once your page is edited and ready to go, you can click Publish.

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