Complete the look

Theme section

Use the Complete the look section to promote multiple products that go well together. Display a large image or video that features your products together and let customers add them directly to their cart.

Set up section

Add this section to your template and use the drag-and-drop handles to re-order its position. You can add this section multiple times with different content and settings.

Editing a template changes all pages that use that template. To edit specific pages, you can create new templates or insert dynamic content with metafields


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Select a Template to edit from the dropdown menu in the top bar.

    Learn how to use templates in our Templates guide.

  2. Under Template, click (+) Add section and select Complete the look.

  3. Change the order of your sections by using the drag and drop handles ⋮⋮

Add large image

Upload a single image or video that features the products in your 'Complete the look' set. Alternatively, you can upload and display a large video (below).


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click on the Complete the look section to open the section settings.

  2. Under Image, use the Select image button to add a section image.

    There are no required image dimensions but we recommend uploading an image with a minimum width of 2050px for optimal quality.

  3. Select a Media position to display the image on the Left or Ride side of the section, opposite the featured products.

  4. Select an Image aspect ratio to crop your image to Square, Landscape, or Portrait.

    The Natural setting displays the original shape of your image.

  5. Click Save.

Add autoplay video

Instead of a large feature image, you can add a muted autoplay video that loops continuously. You need to upload a .mp4 video to your Shopify admin and copy the link into your theme editor settings.

Note The autoplay video does not play audio. To embed a single video from YouTube or Vimeo with audio, see the Video section.


In your Shopify admin:

  1. Go to Content > Files to open your Shopify files.

  2. Click the Upload files button to add your .mp4 file from your computer.

  3. Once your file has been processed, click the Link icon next to the file to copy the URL.

    You may need to refresh the page for your file to appear.

In the theme editor (Customize):

  1. Paste the link into the Video link field. Click on the the link that appears in the results above.

  2. Click Save.

Customize video

Once you've added your video, change the Shape (Aspect ratio) and Position of your video. You can also choose whether to Loop video and Show video controls.

Add product card blocks

Display individual product cards for each product in your 'Complete the look' set. Add up to 4 products and customize their Shape (Aspect ratio) and Size.


In the theme editor (Customize):

  1. Under the Complete the look section, click on a Product block to open the settings. (+) Add Product to add up to 3 product blocks.

    Click Remove block or the eye icon to delete or hide a block.

    You can add a maximum of 4 product blocks.

  2. Click on each product block to open the settings.

  3. Use the Select product button to find and choose a product in your 'Complete the look' set.

  4. (Optional.) Under Custom product image, click Select image to replace the default image of your product.

  5. (Optional.) Click and hold the drag handles ⋮⋮ to rearrange the blocks:

  6. Click Save.

Product card styles

Change the Shape (Aspect ratio) of the product images and their Size.


In the theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click on the Complete the look section to open the settings.

  2. Under Product cards, set the Image size for your selected products to Small, Medium, or Large.

  3. Click Save.

Section content

Add section headings

Change the Heading and Subheading text that display above the section.


In the theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click on the Complete the look section to open the settings.

  2. Enter Heading text to display as a title at the top of the section.

    we recommend one to three words.

    Delete the text in this field to remove the heading.

  3. Enter Subheading text to display beneath the heading.

    We recommend two to three short sentences.

    Use the formatting buttons to add text styles, links, or lists. To learn more, see Shopify's Rich text editor guide ↗.

  4. Click Save.

Add button

Add a Button block to link to your collections or products or any other page with a custom label.


In the theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click on the Complete the look section to open the settings.

  2. Select or paste a URL for the Button link.

  3. Enter text for the Button label.

    The most effective button labels ask customers to do something (e.g. Get started, Join us, Shop now). To learn more, read "What is a Call to Action?"

  4. Select a Button style: either Solid, Outline, or Text.

    The button uses the theme-wide button color set in the Theme settings.

  5. Click Save.

Section style

Adjust the overall section style by changing the Padding around the section content, and add an optional Top divider to clearly separate sections.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click on the Collapsible row list section to open the settings.

  2. Choose to Enable animation to show visual effects when scrolling, hovering, or interacting with the section.

    Learn more about Section animations in Stiletto.

  3. Choose to display a Top divider that separates sections with a Solid line.

    The Top divider uses the color of Lines and borders set in the Theme settings.

  4. Select a Padding option to change the spacing between sections. Choose between Top and bottom, Top only, Bottom only, or set it to None.

  5. Set the Content width to display the section at Full width or use the slider to set a custom width between 400 - 1000 pixels.

  6. Click Save.

Settings reference

Click the Complete the row section to find the following settings.

Section style

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