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Product listings

Enable the Quick add feature to allow customers to add products in listings or on collection pages directly to their cart. You can change the appearance of the popover by editing the Quick add template in the theme editor.

Edit Quick add template

By default, the Quick add popover displays basic product details, variant selector, and quantity selector.

To disable Quick add, go to Theme settings > Product listing. Click to uncheck the Enable quick add option.

Settings reference

Go to Products > Quick-add template, then Click the Product quick add section to find the following settings.


Show divider

Show border line beneath the product details.

Show vendor

Show the vendor name beneath the product title.

Show SKU

Show the "Stock-keeping unit" (SKU) number of the product.

Show price

Show the product’s price.

Show discount

Show discount amount as set up in the 'compare at price' setting in the Shopify admin.

Discount format

Choose to display discounts by percentage or currency amount.

Add and edit the following available blocks.


Display variants of product options. Change the Swatch size and the Chip layout.

Display stock level bar with 'low inventory' alert.

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