Collection template

Collection templates allow you to edit the layout and appearance of collection pages. The default template for collection pages consists of a Collection banner that displays the collection title and description, followed by a Product grid with options for filtering and sorting products by different categories.

Each product shows an image, title, price, and an optional Quick view button that lets customers to add products directly to their cart.

Shopify | Collections are created and edited in your Shopify admin. See Shopify's Collections manual ↗ to learn how to group products into collections.

Quick setup

We recommend starting by editing the collection banner and product grid. You can also edit the theme-wide styles for products cards in Theme settings > Product listing. Finally, you can customize the layout and functionality of your collection pages with sections.

Edit collection banner

In the Collection banner settings, you can change the Text position of the title and description, and show a Collection image with custom image styles. You can also show Breadcrumb links to allow customers to easily navigate pages on your site.

Get started with customizing the Banner headings and Banner image.

Edit product grid

In the Product grid settings, you can customize the grid layout by changing number of columns and rows. You can also customize Filters and sorting options, and the pagination style.

Get started with customizing the Product grid settings.

Edit product listing styles

Product listings display product cards in a grid or row. Each product card shows the product's image, title, and price.

In your theme settings, you can choose whether to show swatches, discount prices, vendors, product ratings, and product badges. You can also choose to show a Secondary product image and border on hover.

Customize the product listing styles in your Theme settings.

Add theme sections

You can customize the content, layout, and functionality of collection pages with Stiletto's 30+ sections. For example, you might add a Countdown bar (demo), Promotion bar (demo), or Image with text (demo).

See our Theme sections guide for a full overview of all Stiletto sections.

Alternate templates

Stiletto includes 4 alternate collection templates with preset styles and sections design for specific uses. These templates help you promote sales, create a collection landing page, and showcase subcollections. See our guides for the following collection templates:

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