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Update This template was added in v1.5.0 on Oct 27, 2022. See our Changelog and theme update guide to learn more.

The Gift card template offers a separate product template, so you can add custom content and styles to promote and sell your store's gift cards.

  • Design a unique product page for gift cards.

  • Show a recipient information form to allow buyers to send gift cards on a scheduled date with an optional message.

Set up gift card product

Before designing your gift card template, you first need to set up a gift card product in your Shopify admin.

Go Products > Gift cards to view or create a gift card product. The Gift card template will automatically be assigned to this product.

Shopify Gift card products are a Shopify feature. See their Gift card guide ↗ to learn more, and contact Shopify support ↗ for related questions.

STEPS: Create gift card product

In your Shopify admin:

  1. Click Products > Gift cards.

  2. Click Add gift card product.

  3. Set up your product details, including a title, description, product media, and denominations. See Shopify's Gift card guide ↗ to learn more.

  4. Click Save.

Edit gift card template

The gift-card template includes all features and settings of the default product template.

See the Product pages guide on product template styles, sections, and blocks. See our Theme sections article for a full listing and overview of all Stiletto sections.


In your Shopify admin:

  1. Click Products.

  2. Click to open the product that you want to use the gift-card template.

  3. Click the Theme template menu and select gift-card to assign the template to your page.

    Note: Templates can't be assigned on unpublished themes. Your changes to templates will be saved and can be assigned when you buy and publish the theme.

  4. Click Save.

Show recipient information form

In the Product overview section settings, you can choose to show a recipient information form . This form allows buyers to send gift cards to a recipient's email on a scheduled date, along with a personal message.


In the theme editor (Customize):

  1. Open the Products > gift-card template.

  2. Click the Product overview section to open the settings.

  3. Under Gift card, select Show recipient information form for gift cards.

  4. Click Save.


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