Theme licenses

Fluorescent themes must bought through the Shopify Theme Store to receive a license, which are valid only for the single store that it was purchased for.

You may have an unlicensed theme if you bought a copy outside of the Shopify Theme Store or are re-using a theme copy for multiple stores.

Do I need to purchase a new copy for multiple stores?

Yes, theme licenses are valid only for the store it was purchased for. You must purchase the theme again through the Shopify Theme Store. If you're opening a new store to replace your old store, you can learn about transferring your theme license.

What if I have an unlicensed theme?

Not only are unlicensed themes ineligible for support and updates, but it can mean your store is at risk of removal by Shopify.

Continued use of an unlicensed version may lead to a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice with Shopify, resulting in your store being taken offline.

We understand you may be unaware that you have a unlicensed copy, and we want to make sure that you can acquire a valid theme license.

To continue using Stiletto and gain access to support and updates, you will need take immediate action, as according to Shopify's Terms of Services:

Purchase: Consider buying the theme for the store where you plan to use it.

Delete: If you choose not to purchase the theme, then you must remove it from your theme library.

Transfer: In cases where you previously purchased a theme for an old store but no longer use it there, you might be able to transfer it to your new store.

Transferring theme licenses

If you wish to transfer your theme license to a new store, you need to re-purchase the theme for the active store and remove it from the original store. Please contact us regarding re-purchasing the theme.

You may also review Shopify's requirements for transferring a theme.

Get a theme license for Stiletto

Go to the Shopify Theme Store to purchase a licensed version of Stiletto. Upon purchase, you will have access to support and ongoing updates.


In your Shopify Admin:

  1. Click Buy to purchase and add the theme to your online store.

    You may need to log in and select your online store.


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