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Why aren't changes in the editor showing on my site?

You may need to assign the template you are editing to your pages in the Shopify admin. See our guide for creating and assigning templates. If your theme isn't published yet, learn how to assign templates from unpublished themes.

It's also possible you have edited a 'Context' for a specific market, so the changes will only appear when visiting your site from certain countries. See our guide for Editing contexts for markets.

How do I find the H1 heading tags?

H1 headings are generated from page titles or the store name, following Shopify's recommended SEO structure. Page titles can be edited in your Shopify admin.

If you have concerns about H1 tags in your theme, see our H1 heading tags guide for answers to common questions.

Does Stiletto support multiple languages?

Yes. Stiletto includes a language selector in the Header and Footer. You will need to use an app (like Shopify’s Translate & Adapt) to translate your store content, and you may need to take some extra steps when setting up theme features. Learn more in our guide for selling in multiple languages.

Why are my swatches blank?

If your swatches appear blank, make sure that you are using an existing default color or that your image files and custom color names much your variant names. You may also need to add custom swatches for multiple languages.

How do I set up mega navigations?

Stiletto has multiple types of mega navigations. You will need to setup your main menu before adding mega nav blocks. See the full mega navigation guide to learn more.

How do I remove the ‘Shipping’ and ‘Taxes’ messages?

Depending your store settings, default text for Shipping and Taxes appears on Cart and Product pages. Follow our guide for Editing default theme content to change or remove this text.

Will you help customize my store?

While our Support cannot offer code customizations, we can point you to a service that does. Just let us know what you're looking for — we might even have a solution for you with our available theme features.

Can I get a refund?

All theme sales are final and we are unable to provide refunds. As theme developers, we are not involved in billing or transactions through the Shopify theme store. Refund request need to be addressed to Shopify’s billing team ↗.

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