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Before you launch your store, you can use Shopify's password page feature to restrict access to your store. When the password page is active, all store pages are hidden and will not appear in search engine results.

Tip | See our blog post about how to use your password page as a marketing tool with a default template you can add to your store to get started.

Quick setup

The template includes preset sections and layout to get you started. In the theme editor, you can customize content, settings, and overall page design with theme sections.

Open the Password template in your theme editor to customize the headings, password message, newsletter signup, and social icons and sharing blocks.

Shopify | See Shopify's guide on Password protection for your online store ↗.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click on the Password page section to open the settings.

  2. Click Select image to upload and select a Background image.

    There are no required images dimensions. We simply recommend uploaded images have a minimum width of 2500px for optimal quality across all devices.

  3. (Optional.) Upload a Mobile image to display only on mobile devices.

    You may want a different image that works best with mobile screen dimensions, for example a portrait shaped image.

  4. Under Image height, choose to display the image with a Custom or the Original height (without cropping).

  5. If Custom height is selected: adjust the Height and Mobile Height of your image between 50% to 100% of the maximum height.

    The Height is the percentage of the window height on your customer's device.

    When Custom height is set to 50%, the image will always display at half the height of the customer's screen.

  6. Use Image focal points to specify the main focus of your background image. The focal point of your image will remain centered and within frame when your site adapts to different screen sizes.

    See our image guide to learn more about specifying a focal point for an image used within a section or for an uploaded image file when used anywhere on your site.

  7. Change the Text, Overlay color, and Overlay opacity using the slider to increase the contrast between the text and image.

    These settings help make your text clear and readable.

  8. (Optional) Click the Overlay gradient option to add a color overlay that fades across a range of hues.

    You can choose the style, angle, position, and opacity of the gradient. See Shopify's color gradient guide ↗ to learn more.

  9. Click the Heading block to change section title.

    we recommend a short title of just a few words.

  10. Click the Text block to add a few words or short sentence below the heading.

  11. (Optional.) Click and hold the drag and drop handles ⋮⋮ to change the order of sections.

  12. Click Save.

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