Product template

Product templates control the content, layout, and style of your product pages. In the theme editor, you can customize the product media, product overview, and overall page design with Stiletto's theme settings and sections.

This guide provides an overview of product page templates and features, with links to tutorials for product page styles, blocks, and sections.

To customize how products appear in collections and theme sections, see the product listing options in your theme settings.

Shopify Creating and managing products is a Shopify feature. Themes provide templates to style your product pages created in your Shopify admin. See Shopify's Products manual ↗ to learn more.

Quick setup

Product templates have a preset layout with a Product overview section that includes blocks for product details, variant selectors, buy buttons, and additional features like complementary products and an information popup.

Use the Templates selector in the theme editor to open a product template. You can modify the page style and layout, product overview blocks, and further customize the page with theme sections.

Page layout and style

Click on the Product overview section to find layout and style settings for the product page. You can change the layout style of your product media and enable additional features like, Sticky product details, Breadcrumbs, and Navigation buttons.

See the Product page layout and styles guide or jump to a part of the guide by clicking the links below.

Product overview blocks

The Product overview section is made of default and custom blocks that you can edit and rearrange.

See the Default product blocks guide or jump to a part of the guide by clicking the links below.

Feature blocks

In the Product overview, the feature product blocks offer added functionality for displaying product information and designing the layout.

Click the links below to find help guides for the feature product blocks.

Product page sections

Product page sections are added outside the product overview (below or above). Use theme sections to add more functionality and further customize the layout of your product pages.

We recommend starting by hiding or removing the default sections you don't want to use.

Alternate templates

Stiletto includes 4 alternate product page templates with preset styles and sections designed for specific uses. These templates offer alternate layouts to showcase your products, offer gift cards, and show a "pre-order" add-to-cart button.

Edit these templates in the theme editor, then assign them to your products in the Shopify admin.

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